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Young Hyson
You may find this tea by a few different names - Young Hyson, Chunmee or Precious Eyebrow. From southwest China, these teas, picked before the spring rains, are known as Young Hyson after a young English tea merchant named Phillip Hyson. The Chinese name Chunmee comes from the shape the leaf takes on after processing. There is great skill required to produce this tea. During the second wok firing, the leaf is hand-rolled and tightly twisted to resemble a finely-shaped brow.

This is an excellent grade of this very popular tea and should be enjoyed any time of the day. The leaves produce a brew that is golden yellow in colour with a smooth but robust flavor.

To Prepare
Young Hyson
is best when brewed with spring water at a temperature of 160° to 180° for 2 to 3 minutes. Do not overbrew. We recommend one teaspoon for every 8 ounces. You can easily expect 3 infusions.
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Packaging is available in our triple-layered, foil bag or custom tin.

2 oz pkg $5.95 -- 4 oz pkg $9.95 -- 5 oz tin $10.95
8 oz pkg $15.95 -- 16 oz foil bag $28.95

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